Long Term Note (LTN) Monetization


Long Term Note (LTN) Monetization


We operate with Non-Recourse Monetization (LTN) through Euroclear for the intention of Project Funding.

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LTNs are attractive because the process is speedy, and through Euroclear, clients do not have to deal with SWIFT fees. Euroclear is one of the most established financial transaction networks in Europe. This was founded by JP Morgan in 1968 and currently employs more than 3500 people.

Those looking to monetize, discount, or have a non-recourse loan against an LTN Bond recognize this as the fastest way to do so.

The Monetization of this LTN allows clients to have their ownership while they have a non-recourse loan annually against their LTN.

LTV Monetization:

  • 25% Non-Recourse Loan (this loan has a lower LTV, but you don’t have to pay back).

Note: All Non-Recourse Loan has a 5% commission paid out from each loan disbursement.

How Long Does it Take?

  • It takes up to two weeks after a document is signed on SWIFT or Euroclear for anything to be finalized. It only takes a week after an Instrument Delivery.

Loan Disbursement:

  1. 21 days after confirmation and Euroclear Download of the LTN, we release the first disbursement (20% of the loan).
  2. 30 days after the first disbursement, we release the second disbursement (20% of the loan).
  3. The remaining 60% of the loan will be divided into ten (10) months and will be disbursed every 30 days after the second disbursement.


  • Full loan disbursement in 12 months.

green-check-1711Brokers & Consultants:

  • Respected in the Industry
  • Larger Commissions 
  • You Won’t Be Just Another Broker in a Chain.
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The Euroclear Process of Closing

  1. Once both parties complete the contract, the client must discuss with their institution the signing of the LTN. This is performed through free delivery by Euroclear.
  2. The bank will email a certified copy of the Euroclear execution receipt.
  3. Then, there are only three banking days in which the monetizer can grant a Non-Recourse Loan.
  4. The Monetizer must also agree that within fifteen days, before the contract’s year anniversary, the LTN must be returned.

Documents Required:

  1. Application for Bank Instrument Monetization (Download Below)
  2. Complete Pages of the Application for Bank Instrument Monetization, and then you should email the helpdesk@thehansongroupofcompanies.com

Standard of Compliance:

  1. To be Accepted: LTN HAS TO be on Euroclear.
  2. Rejection: LTN that is NOT on Euroclear

Important Information:

  1. Please note that the days are banking days, and weekends or holidays are counted.
  2. With our bank instrument’s monetization services, everything is non-negotiable. We will not alter the procedures of this service.
  3. We don’t issue RWA or BCL letters. Clients normally use this tactic to shop around for a bank Instrument with a provider institution with a banking letter confirming there is a credit line ready to incentivize the provider to send a bank instrument on their behalf. We will never allow this to happen under our company name.

Non-Recourse Loan Disbursements Example (100 Million Euros LTN):

LTN face value: €100,000,000.00
Non-Recourse Loan disbursement (25%): €25,000,000.00
Loan commission fees (5%): €1,250,000.00

Total Loan Disbursement: €23,750,000.00

Example of Non-Recourse Loan Disbursement Schedule:

Non-Recourse Loan Disbursements Amount in Euros Date of Disbursements
Loan 1st Disbursement: €4,750,000.00 20% of the loan in 21 days after received and authentication of the MT760.
Loan 2nd Disbursement: €4,750,000.00 20% of the loan 30 days after the 1st disbursement.
Loan 3rd Disbursement: €1,425,000.00 30 days after the 2nd disbursement.
Loan 4th Disbursement: €1,425,000.00 30 days after the 3rd disbursement.
Loan 5th Disbursement: €1,425,000.00 30 days after the 4th disbursement.
Loan 6th Disbursement: €1,425,000.00 30 days after the 5th disbursement.
Loan 7th Disbursement: €1,425,000.00 30 days after the 6th disbursement.
Loan 8th Disbursement: €1,425,000.00 30 days after the 7th disbursement.
Loan 9th Disbursement: €1,425,000.00 30 days after the 8th disbursement.
Loan 10th Disbursement: €1,425,000.00 30 days after the 9th disbursement.
Loan 11th Disbursement: €1,425,000.00 30 days after the 10th disbursement.
Loan 12th Disbursement: €1,425,000.00 30 days after the 11th disbursement.

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Download the Long Term Note (LTN) Monetization Application & Agreement Here!

Read the Long Term Note (LTN) Monetization Application & Agreement Below

Download the Non-Recourse Loan Agreement Here!

Read the Non-Recourse Loan Agreement below

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