“The Hanson Group of Companies” can help to obtain financing, activate credit line, provide loans against financial instruments, and monetize financial instruments.

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financingOur company is capable to offer the most competitive terms when rendering assistance in obtaining financing for both commercial transactions and various business projects. Every project that requires financing will be discussed on individual basis. Our loans has an interest between 2% to 7.5% per annum and can span up to ten years in length with no Libor, preferential for up to 4 years.

In order to obtain debt financing our company uses active credit lines of our partners. We can promptly and on quite flexible conditions obtain financing against the most spread types of financial instruments such as:

Bank Guarantee (BG)
Standby letters of Credit (SBLC)
Certificate of Deposit (CD)
Medium Term note (MTN)
Bank Draft and others.


Debt financing against financial instruments provides our clients with opportunities to obtain financing for their projects of commercial transactions. This type of financing imposes less rigid requirements to the current financial status of client and quality of financial project than traditional project financing.

Loans with Bank Instruments as colateral LTV: 

  • 5 to 500M – 45% Non Rated Bank or 65% Rated Bank – Non Recourse Loan
  • 5 to 500M Bank Guarantee (BG) – 65% Recourse Loan with a Non Rated Bank instrument or 80% Recourse Loan with a Rated Bank instrument – This loan has an interest between 2% to 7.5% per annum and can span up to ten years in length.

Estimated Completion Time:

  • 7 to 14 Days after all documents are signed and verified or 5 to 7 Days After Instrument Delivery on the SWIFT, Euroclear or DTCC Networks.

Loan Disbursement:

  1. 21 days after confirmation and authentication of the MT-760, we release first disbursement (20% of the loan).
  2. 30 days after the first disbursement we release the second disbursement (20% of the loan).
  3. The remaining 60% of the loan will be divided in ten (10) month and will be disbursed every 30 days after the second  disbursement.


  • Full loan disbursement in 12 month.
  • In case client do not have a bank instrument to place as collateral for the project, Hanson Group can offer to lease the bank instrument to the client and at the same time offers the monetization.
  • Hanson Group can only monetized their own bank instrument for up to 500M maximum per tranche.
  • If client is leasing the bank instrument from Hanson Group, the client only have to pay for the initial deposit fees and the foundation will pay the lease instrument cost.


Non-Recourse Loan Disbursements Example (100 Million Euros):

Lease Bank instrument face value: €100,000,000.00
Loan disbursement non-recourse (65%): €65,000,000.00
Loan commission fees (5%): €3,250,000.00
Lease instrument cost (16+2): €18,000,000.00

Total Loan Disbursement: €43,750,000.00

Example of Non-Recourse Loan Disbursement Schedule:

Loan Disbursements Amount in Euros Date of Disbursements
Loan 1st Disbursement: €8,750,000.00 20% of the loan in 21 days after received and authentication of the MT760.
Loan 2nd Disbursement: €8,750,000.00 20% of the loan 30 days after the 1st disbursement.
Loan 3rd Disbursement: €2,625,000.00 30 days after the 2nd disbursement.
Loan 4th Disbursement: €2,625,000.00 30 days after the 3rd disbursement.
Loan 5th Disbursement: €2,625,000.00 30 days after the 4th disbursement.
Loan 6th Disbursement: €2,625,000.00 30 days after the 5th disbursement.
Loan 7th Disbursement: €2,625,000.00 30 days after the 6th disbursement.
Loan 8th Disbursement: €2,625,000.00 30 days after the 7th disbursement.
Loan 9th Disbursement: €2,625,000.00 30 days after the 8th disbursement.
Loan 10th Disbursement: €2,625,000.00 30 days after the 9th disbursement.
Loan 11th Disbursement: €2,625,000.00 30 days after the 10th disbursement.
Loan 12th Disbursement: €2,625,000.00 30 days after the 11th disbursement.


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