Banned Clients & Brokers

Banned Individuals, Companies & Brokers


Below is an ongoing list of peoples, companies & brokers we’ve “banned” from The Hanson Group due to their dishonest business practices.

Full NameBanned Type
Secure Platform Funding Banned Company
SPF International Corporation Banned Company - Marshall Islands Registered Company Number: 88427
Bruce Green Banned Individual
WELSY PTE LTD. Banned Company
Wang Yiang Fan Banned Broker - Singapore Passport Number: XXXXXXX98
Edward Benton Fulke Banned Broker - USA Passport Number: XXXXXXX07
Carlos Yepez Banned Individual
Care Value, S.A.S. Banned Company - Colombia Company Registration Number: J-30769871-3
Care Value, C.A. Banned Company
Maritime Business Solutions, N.V. Banned Company
Ivonne N. Salas Bonilla Banned Individual
Cipriano Humberto Salazar Golding Banned Individual - Venezuela Passport Number: XXXXXXX22
Franklin Elias Collado Saldaña Banned Broker
AGH Maracay Holding LTDA Banned Company - Duly incorporated under the laws of Portugal Registration nº 98049884
Carlos Manuel De Carvalho - Formally Associated With: Eduardo Macho P Banned Individual - Account signatory of AGH Maracay Holding LTDA
Eduardo Macho P. - Grupo Maracay Banned Individual - Spain Passport Number: XXXXXXX39
Vittorio Franco Vetri Melean Banned Individual - Venezuela Passport No. XXXXXXX24 - Venezuela Cédula de identidad No. XXXXXXX07 - Email:
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