Country Delegations Brokers Licenses


Country Delegations Brokers Licenses – Only 1 per Country!

The Hanson Group of Companies is pleased to announce the Country Delegations Brokers Licenses that will give the Delegates a Guaranteed 1% Commission on ALL deals that originates in a Country that is owned by the Country Delegation Licensee.

The Delegates Broker Licensee will be paid 1% Commission regardless of what the source of the deal is, which broker is involved or even if the client came directly to the website…..

If the deal originates in the Delegation Licensees territory, the Country Delegate Gets PAID!

Why do we create Countries Delegations?

By subdividing the world down into separate countries and appointing a suitably qualified Delegate Licensee in each region, customers, Platinum, Gold, Silver Brokers and The Hanson Group will all benefit in the following ways:

  1. The Delegate will be motivated to work closely with ANY Platinum, Gold or Silver Brokers because the Delegate gets paid for ALL successful deals in their country. Therefore the more deals they help our Platinum, Gold or Silver Brokers to complete, more our Delegates gets paid!
  2. Different countries speak different languages, by appointing a Delegate that speaks the local language will make explaining and closing client transactions much easier and more effective.
  3. Having a regionally based Delegation in the same time zone as the client that is trying to complete a transaction will result in higher productivity and fewer lost hours with people working in different time zones.
  4. Over time our Delegations will accumulate significant knowledge of the industry, The Hanson Group of Companies services and local clients needs. This expertise combined with their regional country knowledge will provide a powerful resource that will result in improved advice to clients and higher deal flow for brokers.
  5. Lastly, To have a central point facilitating and coordinating regional transactions that occur within a country will have a number of significant benefits to all parties.

Delegates Licensees receive the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed Income: 1% of ALL transactions completed from within the country by:
    • Companies, where the company registered address is within the License Country.
    • Individuals, where the individual resides within the License Country.
  • Additional Bonus Income up to 2.5%: If a Master Country Licensee is also registered as a Gold Broker, then (on their own deals that they originate) they will be paid 1.5% for being a Gold Broker and 1% for being the Delegate Licensee, giving them a total return of 2.5% for each of their own deals. A Very healthy return!
  • You will receive Exclusive use of: 
    • The “The Hanson Group of Companies Logo”
    • An Encrypted secure email account, eg
    • The phrase “The Hanson Group of Companies Certified Country Master Broker” recognizing your elite status as The Only Master Broker for that Country, and being approved to use this phrase on your website, stationary, business cards and email.
    • Certified Country Delegate Certificate to display in your office and on your web site.
  • Additional Benefits: 
    • Special Secret Priority The Hanson Group of Companies Support Email that immediately places any emails from Master Country Brokers to the top of the support queue, ensuring you receive premium support before other clients or brokers.
  • License Term: 10 Years.
    • The Master Country broker License automatically renews every year for the 10 years at no charge to the licensee provided the licensees country completes a minimum of 1 deals per year with The Hanson Group of Companies. Deals may originate from any broker.

How to Purchase a Delegation Broker License?

  1. Check the Country you want to Purchase if is Available in the Complete List of Delegations Brokers Licenses (below)
  2. Process the $1000 USD payment to Immediately Reserve your selected Country. This stops any other person from being able to purchase your desired country for 30 days.
  3. We will then immediately:
      • Mark your Country as “Under Negotiation” in the Complete List of Delegations Brokers Licenses (below).
      • Email you the Delegation Broker License for your to Review and Signing.
  4. You email us back the signed and completed Delegation Broker License, we then counter sign the Delegation Broker License and email a copy to you.
  5. You complete payment for the full purchase price of the Master Country Broker License (less the €1000 you already paid) within 72 Hours.

More Questions?

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Delegations Brokers Licenses Requirements

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Facilitate and support all Platinum, Gold and Silver who operate in or around your License Country
  • At all times act ethically, professionally and courteously toward brokers and clients


  • MUST have a minimum of 1 years Finance industry Experience
  • MUST have No Criminal convictions in any Country
  • MUST fluently speak the predominant language of the country you wish to buy the License for

License Conditions

  • Minimum 1 deals per year is required to keep your license active
  • You cannot be a registered broker or representative of a The Hanson Group of Companies competitor

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Complete List of Delegations Brokers Licenses Status

CountryFlagPrice EUROSStatus
Afghanistanflag-of-Afghanistan€12500 EUROSAvailable
Albaniaflag-of-Albania€5000 EUROSAvailable
Algeriaflag-of-Algeria€5000 EUROSAvailable
Andorraflag-of-Andorra€7500 EUROSAvailable
Angolaflag-of-Angola€5000 EUROSAvailable
Antigua & Barbudaflag-of-Antigua€5000 EUROSAvailable
Argentinaflag-of-Argentina€7500 EUROSAvailable
Armeniaflag-of-Armenia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Australiaflag-of-Australia€15000 EUROSAvailable
Austriaflag-of-Austria€12500 EUROSAvailable
Azerbaijanflag-of-Azerbaijan€5000 EUROSAvailable
Bahamasflag-of-Bahamas€5000 EUROSAvailable
Bahrainflag-of-Bahrain€15000 EUROSAvailable
Bangladeshflag-of-Bangladesh€5000 EUROSAvailable
Barbadosflag-of-Barbados€5000 EUROSAvailable
Belarusflag-of-Belarus€5000 EUROSAvailable
Belgiumflag-of-Belgium€15000 EUROSAvailable
Belizeflag-of-Belize€5000 EUROSAvailable
Beninflag-of-Benin€5000 EUROSAvailable
Bhutanflag-of-Bhutan€5000 EUROSAvailable
Boliviaflag-of-Bolivia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Bosnia & Hercegovinaflag-of-Bosnia-Hercegovina€5000 EUROSAvailable
Botswanaflag-of-Botswana€5000 EUROSAvailable
Brazilflag-of-Brazil€15000 EUROSAvailable
Bruneiflag-of-Brunei€15000 EUROSAvailable
Bulgariaflag-of-Bulgaria€15000 EUROSAvailable
Burkina Fasoflag-of-Burkina-Faso€5000 EUROSAvailable
Burundiflag-of-Burundi€5000 EUROSAvailable
Cabo Verdeflag-of-Cabo-Verde€10000 EUROSAvailable
Cambodiaflag-of-Cambodia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Cameroonflag-of-Cameroon€5000 EUROSAvailable
Canadaflag-of-Canada€17500 EUROSAvailable
Central African Republicflag-of-Central-African-Republic€5000 EUROSAvailable
Chadflag-of-Chad€5000 EUROSAvailable
Chileflag-of-Chile€7500 EUROSAvailable
Chinaflag-of-China€20000 EUROSAvailable
Colombiaflag-of-Colombia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Comorosflag-of-Comoros€5000 EUROSAvailable
Congo Democrat Republicflag-of-Congo-Democratic-Republic-of€5000 EUROSAvailable
Congo Republicflag-of-Congo€5000 EUROSAvailable
Costa Ricaflag-of-Costa-Rica€5000 EUROSAvailable
Cote d'Ivoireflag-of-Cote-d-Ivoire€5000 EUROSAvailable
Croatiaflag-of-Croatia€7500 EUROSAvailable
Cubaflag-of-CubaN/AForbidden Country
Cyprusflag-of-Cyprus€7500 EUROSAvailable
Czech Republicflag-of-Czech-Republic€7500 EUROSAvailable
Denmarkflag-of-Denmark€12500 EUROSAvailable
Djiboutiflag-of-Djibouti€5000 EUROSAvailable
Dominicaflag-of-Dominica€5000 EUROSAvailable
Dominican Republicflag-of-Dominican-Republic€25000 EUROSsold
Ecuadorflag-of-Ecuador€5000 EUROSAvailable
Egyptflag-of-Egypt€7500 EUROSAvailable
El Salvadorflag-of-El-Salvador€5000 EUROSAvailable
Equatorial Guineaflag-of-Cambodia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Eritreaflag-of-Eritrea€5000 EUROSAvailable
Estoniaflag-of-Estonia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Ethiopiaflag-of-Ethiopia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Fijiflag-of-Fiji€5000 EUROSAvailable
Finlandflag-of-Finland€12500 EUROSAvailable
Franceflag-of-France€15000 EUROSAvailable
Gabonflag-of-Gabon€5000 EUROSAvailable
Gambiaflag-of-Gambia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Georgiaflag-of-Georgia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Germanyflag-of-Germany€5000 EUROSAvailable
Ghanaflag-of-Ghana€5000 EUROSAvailable
Greeceflag-of-Greece€5000 EUROSAvailable
Grenadaflag-of-Grenada€5000 EUROSAvailable
Guatemalaflag-of-Guatemala€5000 EUROSAvailable
Guineaflag-of-Guinea€5000 EUROSAvailable
Guinea-Bissauflag-of-Guinea-Bissau€5000 EUROSAvailable
Guyanaflag-of-Guyana€5000 EUROSAvailable
Haitiflag-of-Haiti€5000 EUROSAvailable
Hondurasflag-of-Honduras€5000 EUROSAvailable
Hong KongHong-Kong-Flag€20000 EUROSAvailable
Hungaryflag-of-Hungary€75000 EUROSAvailable
Icelandflag-of-Iceland€75000 EUROSAvailable
Indiaflag-of-India€12500 EUROSAvailable
Indonesiaflag-of-Indonesia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Iranflag-of-IranN/AForbidden Country
Iraqflag-of-IraqN/AForbidden Country
Irelandflag-of-Ireland€10000 EUROSAvailable
Israelflag-of-Israel€15000 EUROSAvailable
Italyflag-of-Italy€10000 EUROSAvailable
Jamaicaflag-of-Jamaica€5000 EUROSAvailable
Japanflag-of-Japan€10000 EUROSAvailable
Jordanflag-of-Jordan€12500 EUROSAvailable
Kazakhstanflag-of-Kazakhstan€5000 EUROSAvailable
Kenyaflag-of-Kenya€10000 EUROSAvailable
Kiribatiflag-of-Kiribati€5000 EUROSAvailable
Kosovoflag-of-Kosovo€5000 EUROSAvailable
Kuwaitflag-of-Kuwait€10000 EUROSAvailable
Kyrgyzstanflag-of-Kyrgyzstan€5000 EUROSAvailable
Laosflag-of-Laos€10000 EUROSAvailable
Latviaflag-of-Latvia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Lebanonflag-of-Lebanon€5000 EUROSAvailable
Lesothoflag-of-Lesotho€5000 EUROSAvailable
Liberiaflag-of-Liberia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Libyaflag-of-LibyaN/AForbidden Country
Liechtensteinflag-of-Liechtenstein€15000 EUROSAvailable
Lithuaniaflag-of-Lithuania€5000 EUROSAvailable
Luxembourgflag-of-Luxembourg€17500 EUROSAvailable
MacauMacau-Flag€10000 EUROSAvailable
Macedoniaflag-of-Macedonia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Madagascarflag-of-Madagascar€5000 EUROSAvailable
Malawiflag-of-Malawi€5000 EUROSAvailable
Malaysiaflag-of-Malaysia€12500 EUROSAvailable
Maldivesflag-of-Maldives€5000 EUROSAvailable
Maliflag-of-Mali€5000 EUROSAvailable
Maltaflag-of-Malta€5000 EUROSAvailable
Marshall Islandsflag-of-Marshall-Islands€5000 EUROSAvailable
Mauritaniaflag-of-Mauritania€5000 EUROSAvailable
Mauritiusflag-of-Mauritius€5000 EUROSAvailable
Mexicoflag-of-Mexico€7500 EUROSAvailable
Micronesiaflag-of-Micronesia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Moldovaflag-of-Moldova€5000 EUROSAvailable
Monacoflag-of-Monaco€17500 EUROSAvailable
Mongoliaflag-of-Mongolia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Montenegroflag-of-Montenegro€5000 EUROSAvailable
Moroccoflag-of-Morocco€5000 EUROSAvailable
Mozambiqueflag-of-Mozambique€5000 EUROSAvailable
Myanmarflag-of-Myanmar€5000 EUROSAvailable
Namibiaflag-of-Namibia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Nauruflag-of-Nauru€5000 EUROSAvailable
Nepalflag-of-Nepal€5000 EUROSAvailable
Netherlandsflag-of-Netherlands€15000 EUROSAvailable
New Zealandflag-of-New-Zealand€10000 EUROSAvailable
Nicaraguaflag-of-Nicaragua€5000 EUROSAvailable
Nigerflag-of-Niger€5000 EUROSAvailable
Nigeriaflag-of-Nigeria€5000 EUROSAvailable
North Koreaflag-of-Korea-NorthN/AForbidden Country
Norwayflag-of-Norway€12500 EUROSAvailable
Omanflag-of-Oman€12500 EUROSAvailable
Pakistanflag-of-Pakistan€7500 EUROSAvailable
Palauflag-of-Palau€5000 EUROSAvailable
Palestineflag-of-Palestine€5000 EUROSAvailable
Panamaflag-of-Panama€25000 EUROSsold
Papua New Guineaflag-of-Papua-New-Guinea€5000 EUROSAvailable
Paraguayflag-of-Paraguay€5000 EUROSAvailable
Peruflag-of-Peru€5000 EUROSAvailable
Philippinesflag-of-Philippines€5000 EUROSAvailable
Polandflag-of-Poland€5000 EUROSAvailable
Portugalflag-of-Portugal€12500 EUROSAvailable
Qatarflag-of-Qatar€15000 EUROSAvailable
Romaniaflag-of-Romania€10000 EUROSAvailable
Russiaflag-of-Russia€20000 EUROSAvailable
Rwandaflag-of-Rwanda€5000 EUROSAvailable
Samoaflag-of-Samoa€5000 EUROSAvailable
San Marinoflag-of-San-Marino€5000 EUROSAvailable
Sao Tome & Principeflag-of-Sao-Tome-and-Principe€5000 EUROSAvailable
Saudi Arabiaflag-of-Saudi-Arabia€20000 EUROSAvailable
Senegalflag-of-Senegal€5000 EUROSAvailable
Serbiaflag-of-Serbia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Seychellesflag-of-Seychelles€10000 EUROSAvailable
Sierra Leoneflag-of-Sierra-Leone€5000 EUROSAvailable
Singaporeflag-of-Singapore€20000 EUROSAvailable
Slovakiaflag-of-Slovakia€10000 EUROSAvailable
Sloveniaflag-of-Slovenia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Solomon Islandsflag-of-Solomon-Islands€5000 EUROSAvailable
Somaliaflag-of-Somalia€10000 EUROSAvailable
South Africaflag-of-South-Africa€10000 EUROSAvailable
South Koreaflag-of-Korea-South€15000 EUROSAvailable
South Sudanflag-of-South-Sudan€5000 EUROSAvailable
Spainflag-of-Spain€50000 EUROSsold
Sri Lankaflag-of-Sri-Lanka€5000 EUROSAvailable
St. Kitts and Nevisflag-of-St-Kitts-Nevis€5000 EUROSAvailable
St. Luciaflag-of-St-Lucia€5000 EUROSAvailable
St. Vincent & Grenadinesflag-of-St-Vincent-the-Grenadines€5000 EUROSAvailable
Sudanflag-of-SudanN/AForbidden Country
Surinameflag-of-Suriname€5000 EUROSAvailable
Swazilandflag-of-Swaziland€5000 EUROSAvailable
Swedenflag-of-Sweden€10000 EUROSAvailable
Switzerlandflag-of-Switzerland€50000 EUROSAvailable
Syriaflag-of-SyriaN/AForbidden Country
Taiwanflag-of-Taiwan€10000 EUROSAvailable
Tajikistanflag-of-Tajikistan€5000 EUROSAvailable
Tanzaniaflag-of-Tanzania€5000 EUROSAvailable
Thailandflag-of-Thailand€5000 EUROSAvailable
Timor-Lesteflag-of-Timor-Leste€5000 EUROSAvailable
Togoflag-of-Togo€5000 EUROSAvailable
Tongaflag-of-Tonga€5000 EUROSAvailable
Trinidad & Tobagoflag-of-Trinidad-and-Tobago€5000 EUROSAvailable
Tunisiaflag-of-Tunisia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Turkeyflag-of-Turkey€5000 EUROSAvailable
Turkmenistanflag-of-Turkmenistan€5000 EUROSAvailable
Tuvaluflag-of-Tuvalu€5000 EUROSAvailable
Ugandaflag-of-Uganda€5000 EUROSAvailable
Ukraineflag-of-Ukraine€10000 EUROSAvailable
United Arab Emiratesflag-of-United-Arab-Emirates€50000 EUROSAvailable
United Kingdomflag-of-United-Kingdom€50000 EUROSAvailable
United States of Americaflag-of-United-States-of-America€50000 EUROSAvailable
Uruguayflag-of-Uruguay€5000 EUROSAvailable
Uzbekistanflag-of-Uzbekistan€5000 EUROSAvailable
Vanuatuflag-of-Vanuatu€5000 EUROSAvailable
Vatican Cityflag-of-Vatican-City€5000 EUROSAvailable
Venezuelaflag-of-Venezuela€5000 EUROSAvailable
Vietnamflag-of-Vietnam€5000 EUROSAvailable
Yemenflag-of-YemenN/AForbidden Country
Zambiaflag-of-Zambia€5000 EUROSAvailable
Zimbabweflag-of-Zimbabwe€5000 EUROSAvailable

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