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We have a staff of 10 financial planners that have varying professional backgrounds and different levels of expertise dealing with Bank Instruments. We want to ensure that our clients are all properly assisted and that their unique needs are met through our services. We focus on your retirement and financial help to improve your future. Remember there is no fiscal future that is too big or too small for our company, we simply want to assist you to reach your goals.


Here at the Hanson Group, we focus on your financial planning so that you can have stress-free results. Today everyone is concerned about their future because it can often seem scary and unsure. However, we have the experience that you need to direct you in your next steps of financial planning. We have assisted numerous clients from different backgrounds, and all of them have retired with their goals met. It is easy to make your dreams a reality when you utilize the services and guidance of our company. 

Our Fees Are Based on Your Success!

The only way that we earn money is if you receive the funding that you desire.

We work with a limited number of clients at a time to ensure that you get the attention that you deserve. We have no need to go out and dig for leads because we have some projects available to us always. We want to focus on pre-qualified projects because they have the best chance of success. We are a clearinghouse for smart investing because it’s a reflection of our funding partners as well as ourselves. With this business plan, we have many qualified leads that we choose to represent.

When deciding to take on a project we research it thoroughly to decide if it is going to be a success. If your project is appropriate for funding, we will select it. However, some are not, and we take each matter very seriously.

Several projects are not ideal because they need an innovative approach. In these scenarios we contact our partners to ensure that we develop the best approach. We make sure that we are active in every step of the planning and execution of your financial projections to ensure your success.

Our revenue comes from “success fees”. When we are securing loans, we receive a small percent of this money as a commission. This process is very similar to the closing fees that brokers receive when finalizing most commercial loans. We cannot assure you that your project will be successful, and because of this, we don’t charge an application fee.

When we work with equity investments, we also receive our compensation based on the successful completion of the loan. These terms are unique to the contract, but we also charge a small monthly fee to work on these projects.

If you would like to begin our process, please look at all of our pages. Then you can let us know the program that you would like to utilize to acquire your funding for your project. We are very busy but promise that we will respond within three business days.

Are You Ready for a Worry-Free Future?

Everyone stresses over the future, especially where finances are concerned. You can now remove a large portion of worry from your life by planning for your future now. The Hanson Group is focused on assisting with reaching your goals of financial freedom so that you can live your life comfortably. We have over 30 years of planning financially which sets us apart from the rest and makes us the best company to assist you in your project.

Bank Instruments

At the Hanson Group, we focus on utilizing many financial instruments in assisting you to reach your economic goals. We incorporate SBLC, BG, LTN, MTN, KTT, SKR, POF, Bank Draft, Block Funds, Monetization, Funding, Leasing and Selling Financial Instruments, Financial Consulting, Offshore Bank Account Openings, and Paymaster, Escrow and Commission Dispersal Services.

What Matters Most

We want to assist you in defining your goals.

Retirement is one of the most important times in your life because you get to enjoy the freedom of doing anything that you desire. You can choose to relax, travel, or start a new chapter in your life. If you know what goals you have in mind, we can assist you in reaching them through financial security. Contact us today to make your dreams a reality!

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