Project Finance


The Hanson Group offers a range of financial packets to corporate, government and private enterprises. We work to help businesses in developing markets and have many different tools to assist you. We advise our clients so that they can choose the products that are right for them.


Available Financing Options:

Project Development
Collateral Management
Credit enhancements
Private Equity investment

We have a large range of projects which include:

Marine mortgages
Industrial/Manufacturing plants
Real Estate development

The Hanson Group secures agreements with investors so that you can get the appropriate financing to your project. This can be in many different forms but can include investment as well as loan funding.

Before entering into any contractual obligation any potential investor/creditor will want to investigate the project, to determine its potential success thoroughly. We also must adhere to every aspect of the law, and it is important that you provide the proper documents to facilitate this process.

The Hanson Group provides real-world solutions that allow you to determine which financial path is the best for you. We are also focused on our investors who are seeking to gain through their financial ventures.

  • We assist in the search for possible creditors and investors and begin negotiations with them on your behalf.
  • We help develop capital through documents, presentations, and portfolios.
  • We organize the financial side of everything and make sure to complete routine follow-ups on projects.

Currently, we are proud to announce that we have negotiated numerous projects of a varying side in locations all over the world. We have the experience necessary to ensure that your project achieves the financial funding that you need, and your dreams come to fruition.